White Court

The White Court of vampires are a group of supernatural beings that psychically feed on mortal emotions. Done lightly this can leave them feeling slightly drained, done to extremes it leaves them dead at best, or mindless at worst.

In the city of Pittsburgh the white court was engaged in a quiet power struggle between a branch of the Skavis family, who have the more legitimate claim to the city, and the Rooney family, who are eager to assert their dominance. The most notably difference between the two is that the Skavis clan feed on despair while the Rooney family feed on fanaticism.

This was resolved over the last year when the Skavis received permission from the White King to deal with the matter following the actions of Michael Rooney, and did so lethally. The Rooney family in Pittsburgh are now non-existent.

Currently the more pressing matter is the Red Court, which was quick to move in following the power vacuum left in the wake of the struggles over the last year.

White Court

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