Mahershal Kunwoke

Mahershal KunwokeMahershal Kunwoke Statblock

Mahershal Kunwoke came to the U.S. with his parents at a young age, and he found life good. He had no troubled childhood or tough times that might shape others in their youth, his trials awaited him later in life.

He joined the police force after successfully completing his academy training and quickly rose up the ranks, up until he made detective. Things started to change then, the responsibility was greater, victims families looking to him for justice. Its a heavy burden, one that wears on the soul. While most police organizations worked hard to have a clean honest rep, Pittsburgh has never exactly been a city free of corruption. A few beatings and coerced confessions, maybe a small bit of evidence planted on someone he knew was guilty. He did what it took, but its a slippery slope.

Eventually his methods caught up to him, the department was sued, unsuccessfully, but the result was getting shipped off to head up Special Investigations, a department recently formed and modeled after Chicagos own SI department. Since then he has been in police limbo, and if he can’t move up, hes found ways to move sideways, taking paychecks from Simon Skavis.

Whatever burning passion he may have once had for justice has been dimmed and worn away.

Mahershal Kunwoke

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