James Gallisá

James GallisáJames Gallisá Statblock

James Gallisá is not your typical gang leader, and AK-47 isn’t exactly your standard gang. Gallisá runs the gang along with 46 other captains, each with their own territory. He upholds a certain code of ethics, and generally if he gives his word, it can be trusted.

Gallisá was born in pittsburgh, his father an immigrant from mexico and his mother a local. Unfortunately his father died when he was 10, and things only got worse from there. To say the least his life has not been an easy one, and perhaps he would would have had a fairly unremarkable life had he not gotten involved in the gangs in his neighborhoods. Even still he might have lived and died as a simple lieutenant had his boss not been taken out. Following that he reformed the gang, took the leadership role and reformed the way it operated, and brutally crushed rivals looking to take advantage of the perceived weakness following the gang leaders death.

Presently his gang controls the north-east portion of the city and up and down the allegheny. He has been tipped off to a lot of the supernatural, and this resulted in him being an ally with Grrrg.

James Gallisá

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