AK-47 Gang

Fort Pitt Bridge AK-47 is a relatively new gang that has exploded onto the scene in recent months. They have brutally beaten back their regional rivals and now control a fair bit of the illegal activity along the Allegheny in Pittsburgh.

The police and rival gangs have been taken aback by the speed and efficiency, James Gallisá proving to be a capable and skilled leader. The gang is divided into 47 different groups, each with their own task or territory and lead by either James Gallisá himself, or one of his captains. They deal drugs, illegal weapon sells, prostitution, and a brisk trade in violence and robbery. They do not do gambling, as while the mafia in Pittsburgh is limited and dying, they aren’t dead yet, and there is no need to press them and risk reprisals. Other gangs meanwhile are open game.


Following the events that took place during Kemmler’s Cathedral the gang has taken over the territory previously held by the trolls of Grrrgheim, and as a result have found themselves the premier organized crime group in the city. Their knowledge of the Supernatural allows them to stay ahead of the smaller rival gangs in the city, now mostly pushed towards the south-west half of the city. In addition it affords them a level of protection against some of the supernatural factions at play.

AK-47 Gang

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