Winter Court

Winter Court

The Winter Court is one of the two ‘high’ courts of faerie, along with the Summer Court. This is in contrast to the low courts of autumn and spring, and the wyld courts of the likes of the Tylwyth Teg and other wyldfae.

Winter serves as the guardian between creation and outsiders, and has upheld that duty since the Sidhe Wars.

Unseelie Magic

Winter magic allows you to cast magics that fit its essential nature: Wildness, Death, Decay, Slumber, Ice
Satisfies the catch for both Summer and Autumn.

Grandmother Winter


Summer Queen, Mab


Summer Lady, Maeve


Winter Knight, Lloyd Slate

Lloyd is a middle aged man that by all accounts is as foul as they come. Among the winter court it is an open secret that Maeve has him wrapped around her finger, and Mab isn’t all that pleased by it.

Notable Members

Various notable members of the court.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost is one of the four ‘Jack’ brothers. He in many ways acts as something of a wet works operative for the winter court, and seems to have little respect for mortals or changelings, despite being forced to work with them at Mabs command.

Santa Claus, ‘Winter King’

The Winter King, an unofficial title that references the relative power of this particular fae noble. Unknown


A powerful Sidhe Noble. Unknown.


Summer has steadily maintained its strength since the Sidhe warts, even gaining slightly as it lured many spring and autumn changelings to its side, though not enough to disrupt the balance.

Winter Court

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