The Tuatha Dé (Pr: Tooah Day)

Translation is People/Tribe of God/Gods/Goddess. (Historical aside: Danann was added on later by irish monks, because Tuatha Dé was being used to refer to israelites, in order to avoid confusion.)

Little is known of the Tuatha aside from the fact they are named in the accords in what the Harp and Fiddle Club have equated to supernatural police force, and that it has been suggested they represent the ‘nuclear option’.

While there are a large quantity listed in mythological sources, based on contacts with the Autumn and Winter courts, the ones still most active are as follows. (More detail to be added once they are actually encountered, this is more or less just a summary based on what you would have found with minimal effort.)

Which if any will show up is unknown.


He was a god of the dead.

Crom Cruach

Nasty fellow involved with human sacrifice.

The Dagda

Apparently a good guy.

Dian Cecht

Renowned healer, bad habit of killing those he was jealous of.


Bad ass, fought fomorians.

The Morrigan

Also a bad ass. Strife, ravens, death.


Hercules like.


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