Summer Court

Summer Court

The Summer Court is one of the two ‘high’ courts of faerie, along with the Winter Court. This is in contrast to the low courts of autumn and spring, and the wyld courts of the likes of the Tylwyth Teg and other wyldfae.

Summer serves as a force of nature that encourages growth and life, and also acts as a barrier between the mortal world and that of the realm of winter.

Summer maintains a large host, and has many resources and contacts in the mortal realm.

Seelie Magic

Summer magic allows you to cast magics that fit its essential nature: Wildness, Birth, Growth, Renewal, Fire.
Satisfies the catch for both Winter and Spring.

Grandmother Summer


Summer Queen, Titania


Summer Lady, Aurora


Summer Knight, Ronald Reuel

Ronald is an elderly man who seems well dressed and polite, and usually seen with a smile. Observations in combat have shown him mostly using seelie magic with the sword of summer, if this shows a lack of skill with the blade or simply preference is unknown.

Notable Members

Various notable members of the court.

Jack in Irons

Jack In Irons is one of the four ‘Jack’ brothers, once also known as Springheeled Jack. At some point he greatly angered Titania, likely for his actions while he was trapped in England, and now spends his time perpetually chained. Despite the name, his restraints are not actually made of iron, and is a reference to him being in constraints.

Erlking, ‘Summer King’

Much like Santa as the ‘King of Winter’, so too is the usage here. Unknown


Summer has steadily maintained its strength since the Sidhe warts, even gaining slightly as it lured many spring and autumn changelings to its side, though not enough to disrupt the balance.

Summer Court

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