Spring Court

Spring Court

The Spring Court is one of the two ‘low’ courts of faerie, along with the Autumn Court. This is in contrast to the high courts of winter and summer, and the wyld courts of the likes of the Tylwyth Teg and other wyldfae.

Spring serves, along with Autumn, as the guardian of transition between summer and winter, though along with autumn they are at such a diminished state that they cannot pose any serious challenge anymore. This role is one similar to that of the Tuatha, but more narrow.

Springs other duty is to maintain the divide between mortal realms and those of Faerie. The idea of humans trying to establish a realm in Faerie, or fae establishing a realm in the mortal world would be cause for them to intervene. Of course with their diminished power there is little they can do, one reason that the Wyldfae in the Pittsburgh Zoo go unchallenged.

Few spring fae remain, and their tendency to stay hidden since the Grave Wars means its is difficult to tell what real power they yet have.

Adseelie Magic

Spring Magic allows you to cast magics that fits its essential nature: Growth, Change, Restlessness, Air, Lust
Satisfies the catch for both Summer and Autumn.

Spring King, Oberon


Spring Heir, ?


Previous Heirs


Banfia was a grumpy old White Stag with a majestic set of antlers, he was slain while hiding in the mortal realms. It is suspected he was killed by vampires working under Michael Rooney for unknown reasons.

Spring Knight, Unknown

The current knight, or even if there is one, is unknown.

Notable Members

Various notable members of the court.

Jack o’ the Green

Jack o’ the Green is one of the four ‘Jack’ brothers, and is probably more well known by another of his names: Puck. He is mischievous and fond of tricks, and one of the known Spring Court survivors.

May, ‘Spring Queen’

Much like Santa as the ‘King of Winter’, so too is the usage here. May represents one of the most powerful nobles in the court, and like Santa and the Erlking, represents something of a reverse of most in the court, being very reserved and dignified like Autumn.


Spring much like Autumn had been waning in power for centuries, the Grave Wars saw them pushed into conflict with humans and fae alike, and they were severely depleted in the process.

Spring Court

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