Simon Skavis

Simon SkavisSimon Skavis Statblock

Simon Skavis is a powerful vampire of the White Court, and leads the Pittsburgh branch of the Skavis clan. A recent addition to the city, he was called in to takeover Skavis interest there after the previous leader in the city saw the family heavily reduced in influence and resources by the Rooney family.

Simon has made strides in reinforcing the crumbling support in the city, and would have likely done more were it not for the constant attacks on his holdings by Wyldfae. Most signs point to Michael Rooney being the culprit, but without solid evidence the Skavis cannot move on the Rooney family lest they risk the Raith family swooping in to deal with things themselves. Not to mention direct conflict among the White Court is considered something of a faux pas.

Simon also has shored up the Skavis politic standing, ensuring officials are in their pocket. Most notably the police.

Simon Skavis

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