Partholon agrees to your boon and says he will meet you at the Harp & Fiddle a week hence, with what he learns of your parentage.

True to his word seven days pass, upon which he returns and approaches you in the bar. Partholon speaks to you, and it would seem like the rest of the world fades away. Though you do not feel that you have moved, you are quite certain none of the others around you can hear or see the changes that take place. Gone is the Harp & Fiddle, and in its place you find a autumn glade with just you and Partholon present.

“For your boon you have requested knowledge and knowledge that I may grant”.

“You are born of the Tuatha, and there is much power in that heritage, yet even so yours is a special case; for you have not one but three mothers among them, the maiden, the mother, and crone. Thrice blessed and thrice cursed are you, o’ child of The Morrigan, and in knowing this do I know you, Bartleby Ravenborn.”

The pronouncement of your name strikes you full in the chest as substantial as that of a linebacker and sends you stumbling backwards. You would suspect he has somehow acquired your true name, a revelation that swirls in your mind along with the discovery of your mothers identity, the combination of which is disorienting. Once you are able to get the room to stop spinning you find yourself once again in the harp and fiddle, and no sign of Partholon.


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