Irwin Herman

Irwin HermanIrwin Herman

Irwin Herman was an orphan found by the White Council at around the age of 13. Since then the young man has come to be seen as something of a unlucky charm, of his previous teachers only one still lives, though none of them befell any sinister fate. One from old age, another from a car accident, and his third was diagnosed with alzheimer’s.

Now he has been foisted upon the retiring William Teach, mostly because no one else would take him. Being unlucky is bad enough, equally unfortunate is his lack of talent and skill. He has enough of a gift it would be unwise to leave him untrained, but he isn’t likely to make a name for himself with magic any time soon.

Regardless of his unfortunate past and limited ability he is a seemingly well intentioned and earnest young man, with a dash of naivete that is unlikely to serve him well.

Irwin Herman

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