Father Daniel AndriaFr. Daniel Andria

Grrrg and his trolls are a relatively recent addition to the city of Pittsburgh. With the decline of the steel industry in the 70s, trolls started to arrive slowly in the City of Bridges, finding it an ideal stomping grounds. In many cases, quite literally, accounting for a large number of the potholes in the city.

Grrrg himself came in the late 90s, and began slowly taking control of the troll population, ultimately solidifying his rule of them by the late aughts. He and his trolls now represent a significant force in the city. For Grrrg though it isn’t enough, he fancies himself a king and sees himself as on a similar level as that of the erlking or the faerie queens. This of course is far from the truth, but don’t let Grrrg hear you suggest such a thing.

While Grrrg may have some odd perceptions, he is a surprisingly intelligent and especially cunning troll, and uses what he has to great effect. Recently he has entered into something of an alliance with the gang known as the Alle-Kiski 47, or ‘AK-47’, a partnership of mutual use and respect of each others lethal potential.


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