Autumn Court

Autumn Court

The Autumn Court is one of the two ‘low’ courts of faerie, along with the Spring Court. This is in contrast to the high courts of winter and summer, and the wyld courts of the likes of the Tylwyth Teg and other wyldfae.

Autumn serves, along with spring, as the guardian of transition between summer and winter, though along with spring they are at such a diminished state that they cannot pose any serious challenge anymore. This role is one similar to that of the Tuatha, but more narrow.

The other role, and one which seems to hold a greater interest to them, is that of guarding the border between life and death, and it is also the one that has cost them so much. During the time of Heinrich Kemmler the Autumn court suffered in their efforts to stop him, beyond merely losing fae against him in battle Kemmler also had many allies in faerie, as well as hell, and Autumn was not strong enough by then to face a multi-front war against arguably the most powerful necromancer to have ever existed.

Presently there are scarce few fae still available to answer Partholon’s call, but that doesn’t stop them in their task, it is after all, their nature.

Abseelie Magic

Autumn Magic allows you to cast magics that fit its essential nature: Entropy, Change, Harvest, Earth, Sorrow.
Satisfies the catch for both Spring and Winter.

Autumn King, Partholon

Partholon is the Autumn King, he loooks to be in his late twenties and has a beard and longer hair that changes based on his own desires, as a a part of autumn change is a natural part and his appearance can be quite malleable should he desire it.

He is almost always formal, has shown some interest in mortal pop culture, notably comics, and is otherwise reserved. There is also a hint of resignation, perhaps sorrow, in him. He is neither cold nor warm, and perhaps the best singular word to describe him would be dignified.

Autumn Heir, Nemed

Nemed as the Autumn Heir is somewhat at odds with the reserved Partholon, whereas the Autumn King has a hint of sadness, Nemed is often melancholic and gloomy, be this the result of his nature or the result of the fate of the Autumn Court is difficult to say. He appears as a young man in his early twenties to late teens sporting a punk style.

He is often angry, has an interest like his father in the mortal pop culture but far more interested in the likes of punk rock and music than the more colorful pursuits of Partholon. He tends to keep his distance but isn’t as reserved as Partholon either.

Autumn Knight, Stig


Previous Knights

Presently there is but one previous knight that the group is aware of.

Angela Stalker

Little is known of Angela, having never met the party prior to her death. It is said she was exceptionally good at glamours and stealth, though in thje end not good enough it would seem.

Notable Members

Various notable members of the court.

Jack O’Lantern

Jack O’Lantern is one of the four ‘Jack’ brothers, also called by some the headless horseman. He is thoughtful, and slow in his attitude and response, and very interested in learning ‘things’.

Eithne (Pr: Enya), ‘Autumn Queen’

Eithne is a powerful member of the Autumn Court, bold in speech and action, and has a curious look that while beautiful to look upon, carries a strange alieness that is difficult to pin point.


The Autumn Court was formed as the others as a result of the Sidhe Wars, its duties in faerie and beyond spelled out according to the Unseelie Accords. Over time they fell in power and influence, to the point where they had scarcely a tenth of their power by the time of Kemmler, then they would wage a war against him once he rose in power in what they refer to as the Grave Wars. By the end they were a mostly broken power that faded into even greater obscurity.

Autumn Court

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