Tattered Veil

Sundered VeilSundered Veil

The veil between the Nevernever and Pittsburgh is weak, really weak, and it is seemingly only growing more so. No one is quite sure why, but it makes it surprisingly easy for things to slip through. Perhaps that is why the Wyldfae have taken such quick liking to the city, and accounts for the large number of them. However, the fae aren’t the only things that might take advantage.


Following the death of the Spring Heir, the dead have been seen in vastly increased numbers as ghost stories become more rampant across the city.

Behind The Veil

The players decided they liked the idea of the more immediate threat being the veil between the Nevernever and Pittsburgh being weak. I do not recall the exact line of reasoning that lead to this, but it what we ultimately landed on.

Tattered Veil

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