Father Daniel Andria

Father Daniel AndriaFr. Daniel Andria

Father Daniel Andria is a priest that works out of Saint Anthony’s Chapel, assigned there by the Vatican. Though nearing the age of 40, he still had in him a youthful determination and eagerness to see things done when he first arrived. In his case this often lead him to getting involved in things far out of his weight class, usually escaping only by a hair in the process. Some might go so far as to remark that his survival is miraculous. Since then he has learned caution and patience, but only a little.

Now he mostly contents himself with seeing to the chapel, and ensuring its safety rather than taking off on some crusade against creatures in the city that would easily rip him to shreds. Still his foolishness has earned him something of a reputation among the supernatural nasties, some even whisper he is a Knight of the Cross. True or not this has made the chapel safer, as many such things that go bump in the night give it a wide berth for fear of finding out first hand.

He is a useful source of information on things regarding faith, holy relics, and the church in general. He also has a history with Simon Skavis, and works steadily to prevent the vampires plans when he may.

Father Daniel Andria

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