City in Transition

Deirdre RooneyCity in Transition

In Pittsburgh, everything is changing. The supernatural world is starting to return in force after being kept at bay for near a century. The city is also finally starting to shed some of its image as a rundown city follow the collapse of the steel industry, and trying to reforge itself as a technology center. Of course, none of this is without pushback. The Skavis have happily fed for years on the despair, and work hard to maintain it. They are not alone, as even the newcomers are standing on a precipice and it can take the smallest push to send them over the edge. As of now things can go in any direction, a city in the middle of change with no clear idea of what it will be once it is done.

Among the potential changes is the revelation of power that has long been hidden in pittsburgh, making it desirable as well.

Behind The Veil

After a lot of talk it was decided that Pittsburgh is a city in transition, no one really has solid footing and everything is up for grabs. In essence no one knows what exactly to expect, and anything could happen.

It was also decided that one of the things driving this, was that Vulcan in the form of Carnegie, had hidden leylines beneath railroad tracks and other works, creating an effective ward and hiding it.

City in Transition

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